Jesse Bigler Martin

To my delight, in working over a period of days and weeks with this image file, I discovered the face of my great great great grampa, Jesse Bigler Martin.  He is at #83 on the numbered photo image file on the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers site.


The key also says that his first wife, Sophronia Moore Martin, is in the photo at #270…  Alas, there is no number 270 on the photo.  As far as I can tell there is only one other photo of her, which is only available online as a copy of her obituary photo from an old newspaper clipping.  If anybody has a better photo, or a scan of the original they used for the obituary,  I’d love to get a copy for our family history files.

It’s kind of amazing the thrill one gets from such a small discovery.  The hearts of the children returning to their great great great grampa..


Jessie Bigler Martin DUP MAR0017He was a member of the Mormon Battalion at age 16.  So, he walked all the way from Nebraska to San Diego, and back to Salt Lake in 1847.  His wife, Sophronia Moore Martin, was in the company that arrived in the valley on Sept 21st 1847 in the company with Parley P Pratt.  In her history, she mentions she walked all the way to Utah as well.

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