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From the Deseret News (Church News)  Oct 2009

“Decker, Isaac Perry – (3rd Ten) One of only two children in the first company, he was born Aug. 7, 1840, in Winchester, Scott Co., Ill., to Isaac and Harriet Page Wheeler Decker. His mother and father divorced in March 1843, and she later married Lorenzo Dow Young, (brother of Brigham Young) changing her name to Harriet Decker Young.  Two of Isaac’s sisters were married to Brigham Young.   Isaac’s brother, Charles, was married to Brigham Young’s daughter, Vilate Young Decker… Polygamy, whatever else it may have been, was certainly exhausting!  See #118 on the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Key.



Harriet_Page_Wheeler_YoungHarriet Young, Isaac’s Mother



Isaac’s Father

Isaac_Perry_DeckerSrIsaac’s father remained a faithful member and came to Salt Lake City in a later company, where he died in 1873.



Isaac with his family

Isaac_perry_Decker family






After arriving, Isaac and his mother lived in the Old Fort until Lorenzo built a cabin near the Eagle Gate in Salt Lake City. The boy saw the struggles of the members during the exodus, the trek west, the meager first years including the miracle of the gulls, and the growth of Salt Lake City. In mid-life he made his home in Provo, Utah, where his son, C.F. Decker, was mayor for a time. He died Jan. 24, 1916, among the last of the original pioneer company, at age 75.”






Isaac Perry Decker is #257 on the Jubilee Photograph.








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